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Who are Wind Sweden?

Wind Sweden is a young innovative company founded in 2018 by the both owners Jeanette Lindeblad and Mikael Palmqvist.

The company consists of a small tight core group where all employees offer senior services with great flexibility. We are passionate about getting the customer's needs secured through both new and existing solutions.

With a large national and international network, we can fully adapt to the needs of our clients and can offer very large assignments in partnership and thus optimize the value of each delivery. We are driven by finding solutions and securing our clients' goals.

About the company

Our vision: Drive the development and fully potential of wind power to achieve the necessary change to a renewable society.

Our mission: To be a personally engaged and result-focused partner

Core Values: Professional, flexible, committed

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Wind Sweden AB

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Batterivägen 2 

311 39 Falkenberg

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